•   Review of MDNR Phase II Stormwater Requirements
Public Education & Outreach Programs (MMC #1)
•   Public Involvement & Participaton Programs (MMC #2)
•   Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination Programs (MMC #3)
Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control Programs (MMC #4)
Post-Construction SWM for New & Redeveloping Areas (MMC #5)
•    Municipal Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping Programs (MMC #6)
•   Development of Stormwater Phase II Guidance Manual and Implementation Plan
•   Meetings with WDEQ and City to Finalize Manual

Burns & McDonnell was selected by the City of Joplin, Missouri to recommend, develop, and assist in implementing a Compliance Program for the city's NPDES Stormwater Phase II Program. To obtain an original or a certified copy: Apostille services. Georgia apostille.

The project includes all 14 metro area suburbs of Joplin as well as the city itself in the Compliance Program.