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Article 1: Taking a look at the Annual Energy Outook with long-term projections about the U.S. energy market.

Article 2: An Alaskan fuel consortium adds capacity at the Anchorage airport, providing fuel options in the frozen north.

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Annual Energy Outlook 2013 Early Release Insights

Every year, the Energy Information Administration publishes an Annual Energy Outlook with long-term projections about the U.S. energy market. This article looks at the production, price and risk outlook for natural gas, coal and renewables, as well as the overall energy mix.

Fuel for the Frozen North

A waypoint on a Great Circle route between the Far East and the American East Coast or Europe, Alaska's Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) is better prepared than ever to support fueling cargo shipments, thanks to a tank expansion project completed in autumn 2012. But because the port is not a convenient destination on the way to somewhere else, fuel ships only come on dedicated out-and-back runs. Airlines serving ANC needed facilities to store excess fuel to buffer demand and offset the reduction of jet fuel production in Alaska.