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Where Water and Power Meet

Where Water and Power Meet

Electric utilities have a greater need than ever to address all types of water use within and around their power generation sites. Burns & McDonnell has developed a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you find the water alternative that fits your plant, your situation, your needs. Our focus is on customized water solutions that fit each power plant, not a generic, proprietary solution. Among the alternatives we can help you evaluate:

Customized Water Solutions That Fit Your Power Plant

Tight Fit, Tight Timeline

Converting the bottom ash handling process of a power plant from a wet sluicing system to a dry system was key to future permit compliance. The utility needed the new equipment to fit within the existing space, and it needed the project operational with a brief outage. Mike Roush led a team that included the client/owner, designers, vendors and construction personnel in a closely coordinated effort that fulfilled both requirements. The process included initial equipment selection, contract award, construction coordination and startup coordination. The plant is now operating seamlessly with a submerged flight conveyor and dry flight conveyors that handle the bottom ash, air heater ash and economizer ash.

Mike's experience includes 12 years of responsibility to coal power plant owners for the design, project management, engineering management, contract administration, field work and startup of new plants and plant upgrades. He is part of our team of experienced power plant professionals who can help you identify the water alternative that fits.

Putting Nature to Work

A utility client was looking for ways to reduce selenium and mercury from the industrial waste stream of a coal-fired power plant. Their focus was on finding tools to preserve environmental quality. Chris Snider led the team of client, academic and Burns & McDonnell professionals in finding the solution: constructed wetlands. At the end of an intensive, 2-acre pilot project — a $3 million investment — the client has a blueprint to move on to a larger-scale wetlands that will be a cost-effective, engineered filter for reducing elements to below regulatory compliance levels.

Chris is a recognized technical leader in landfill design and coal byproduct handling. He has 18 years of experience with solid waste disposal and landfill-related subsurface investigations. He is one of our experienced power plant professionals who can help you identify the water alternative that fits.

Achieving Zero Liquid Discharge

When a public utility client needed upgrades to the FGD effluent system at a coal plant, Tisha Scroggin and Don Schilling took a long, hard look at how it could be done. Applying recent experience, the pair helped the utility install a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system in less than 20 months. With a final cost approximately $45 million per 100 gpm treated, the ZLD system eliminated a discharge point and was completed on a schedule that defied industry norms. In the long run, the installation gave the utility cost and regulatory certainty by removing future needs for additional equipment.

As a nationwide technical leader in ZLD system development, Don has 40 years of experience consulting with utilities on the water requirements for coal and other power plants. Tisha has led the installation of ZLD systems for clients facing regulatory challenges to their power plant water systems. They are two of our experienced professionals who can help you identify the water alternative that fits.