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Wetland Permitting and Design for a Sustainable Environment

Wetland Permitting and Design for a Sustainable Environment

Wetland regulations and federal guidance change regularly.

You need an experienced professional wetland scientist that understands these ever-changing regulations and the most efficient way to obtain the necessary permits and clearances for your project.

Burns & McDonnell is a leader in wetland permitting and design.

Finding Your Way

In more than 30 years of wetland permitting and design experience, Burns & McDonnell has:

  • Evaluated, delineated and mapped more than 2,000 wetlands. 
  • Designed more than 50,000 acres of wetlands. 
  • Prepared more than 100 wetland restoration/mitigation plans and monitored wetland progress on more than 300 acres of wetlands.

Projects that affect wetlands face complex permitting requirements outside of Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, including many state and local regulations.

Burns & McDonnell can help you obtain the permits you need for your project.

  • Wetland delineations 
  • GIS/GPS mapping 
  • Negotiation of permit conditions 
  •  Wetland restoration and mitigation plans 
  •  Alternatives analysis 
  •  Wetland monitoring programs 
  •  Constructed wetland designs 
  •  Hydrology and hydraulic analysis 
  • Engineering