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A Simple Approach to Finding Your Values

A Simple Approach to Finding Your Values

Accurate values on your assets + Current property appraisals + More than 100 years of experience.

You do the math.

It all adds up to the Burns & McDonnell Management Services team.

Whatever the Reason for Your Appraisal, We'll Help You Add It Up

Frequently, our clients need to determine the current value of all or some of their assets or the assets of others. Burns & McDonnell has expertise supporting asset sales, transfers, retirement obligations, financing, insurance and tax assessments.

Our approach starts with determining the most relevant methodology:

The Cost Approach is based on the principle of substitution. An asset's value is no greater than the cost of producing a substitute asset with the same functionality.
The Market Approach is based on analysis of current sales or offerings of assets similar to the subject asset to determine the probable selling price — a representation of the asset's value in the market.
The Income Approach is based on the principle that an asset's value would be equal to the present value of the future net benefits associated with ownership of the subject asset, determined by discounting future net income generated by the asset.

For any particular asset valuation, one or more of these approaches may be used, depending on the purpose of the appraisal.

  • Development and assessment of reproduction costs
  • Replacement costs
  • Trended original costs
  • Market values
  • Physical condition indices
  • Remaining service lives
  • Life extensions
  • Depreciation rates
  • Net present values