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Thermal Energy Storage for Gas Turbine Cooling

Thermal Energy Storage for Gas Turbine Cooling

TIP2 (Turbine Ice Peaking Power) Capacity is a Burns & McDonnell trademark name for the application of thermal (ice) energy storage for gas turbine inlet air cooling.

What Does TIP2 Mean For You?

For one thing, it means when the weather gets hot, your customers stay cool. This new approach to providing peak electrical capacity produces ice using low cost off-peak electrical energy.

The ice is then harvested and stored in a large tank. When electrical system peaks occur, the stored ice provides a constant temperature (32 degrees F) to cool the combustion air to an optimum temperature (40 degrees F).

The Real Advantage of Thermal Energy Storage

A TIP2 capacity system has a smaller refrigeration system due to the leveling of the cooling load during off-peak hours. And because ice is produced during off-peak hours, operating (energy) costs are less than online mechanical refrigeration systems. Also, off-peak ice production does not decrease the total net output of the gas turbine generator during peaking operations.