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Ben Biller
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Safety and Efficiency Through Good Street Design

Safety and Efficiency Through Good Street Design

Moving traffic safely and efficiently. Convenient connections to businesses and residences.

Streets and arterials serve different uses and require different design considerations. Burns & McDonnell recognizes the balance between convenience and connectivity.

Keep Traffic Flowing: Experience with Urban Arterials and Collectors

Details, details. They are important to us, especially with urban arterials and collectors — the passages that keep your city flowing.

Whether we are deciding how to work around the fence post of a private landowner, coordinating with utility companies or designing the best method of maintaining traffic flow during construction, we make sure no detail is left at the side of the road.

Our expertise includes environmental clearances and NEPA guidance, as well as meeting coordination requirements. Our quality assurance program ensures your project is the best it can be.

Whether it's balancing the impacts of different alignment alternatives or addressing complex drainage issues, our engineers understand that attention to detail matters to the success of a project.

  • Traffic engineering
  • Environmental permitting
  • Bridge design
  • Complex stormwater/floodwater analysis
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Public involvement
  • Project financing support
  • ITS deployment
  • Construction period services