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Effective Approaches to Strategic Consulting

Effective Approaches to Strategic Consulting

When your project has several stakeholders, reaching agreement on the right solution can be challenging. Without the right approach, gaining support for your project is virtually impossible.

Let the Burns & McDonnell consulting professionals facilitate discussion among stakeholders so you can focus on your core services.

Consulting Solutions for Every Need

Large, multifaceted projects come with many stakeholders. Each has a different expectation of a project, and getting them to agree on a solution takes a special skill set that blends technical knowledge with problem solving skills. Burns & McDonnell has the team in place to bring stakeholders together to form better relationships and bring agreement to the group to ensure the best technical solution is the best solution to meet all stakeholders' needs.

Programmatic Approach

Burns & McDonnell takes a holistic approach to getting support for your projects so you can reap the most benefit. Our strategists can help with bond analyses, facilitate discussions among stakeholders and help shape decision-making to find the best options to achieve your project goals. We develop and use collaborative processes that invite others to shape decisions within established constraints. It's not a loss of control; rather, it's better positioning yourself and your organization to accomplish long-term strategic goals.

Webinar: Building Support for Transportation Planning Using Economic Impact Analysis

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Download our white paper: "Using Economic Impact Analysis to Develop Supportable Transportation Decisions — Across All Planning Stages"

Capital Improvements Management Office
City of Kansas City, Mo. | Kansas City, Mo.

Burns & McDonnell helped lead a project to reduce a backlog of capital projects and create a mechanism to re-engineer the city's capital delivery  processes using new project delivery processes and team-based management. New management structures were established, project controls were implemented, a comprehensive communications plan was built, and expectations were established and monitored for success. The $2 billion program is now a model in city governments.

Integrated Financial Model and Evaluation of Financial Impact of Capital Projects
Western Farmers Electric Co-op | Anadarko, Okla.

Burns & McDonnell developed an integrated financial model to use to assist Western Farmers Electric Co-op (WFEC) in evaluating the impact of new capital projects. The integrated financial model provided WFEC with an income statement, balance sheet and statement of sources and uses of cash for the next 20 years. Graphs and summary tables allow WFEC to understand key drivers to costs and revenue for each capital project.

Performance-Based Planning and Programming
Pilot Study NCHRP Project 08-36

Working with the Transportation Research Board, Burns & McDonnell, in cooperation with Cambridge Systematics, is facilitating three pilot programs to examine potential processes and identify barriers to connecting national transportation performance measures to the state and regional level. When completed, this project will serve as the strategic planning manual for future transportation planning.

  • Campaign funding, financing with economic analysis
  • Process design and implementation
  • Expert facilitation
  • Organizational change management
  • Government relations and public engagement
  • Integrated communication strategies for improved transparency and accountability