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A Controlled Approach

A Controlled Approach

Maintaining control of the schedule and costs is key to the success of your construction project.

Our integrated approach to managing these key factors, as well as other performance measures, keeps your project on track to successful completion. We implement the latest tools, monitor the right data and consult the best-trained staff to bring it all together. We can provide risk management on outside influences that affect your cost and schedule.

Our Tools

The Burns & McDonnell project controls staff offers a total project management package of integrated schedule, cost and resource data. The owner's project-specific requirements are our top priority, and we make every effort to provide more than is expected from us.


We conduct scheduling in four levels to best develop and control the project schedule:

  • Level 1 — Proposal/major milestone schedule (master schedule)
  • Level 2 — Project schedule
  • Level 3 — Departmental schedules (engineering, procurement and construction)
  • Level 4 — Detailed action list
    • Detailed engineering planning and scheduling
    • Detailed construction planning and scheduling
    • Detailed recovery planning and scheduling
    • Team planning sessions
    • Estimate reconciliation with project team
    • Cost monitoring and forecasting
    • MIS setup and maintenance
    • Home office and site project controls audits
    • Revenue recovery (claim analysis)
    • Claims analysis

Cost management and reporting:

  • Utilize Primavera Control Management software
  • Develop project budgets
  • Develop client cost reports in Excel
  • Evaluate risks and forecast costs monthly to protect contingency
  • Develop cash in-flow and cash out-flow curves for net cash position

Schedule management and reporting:

  • Integrate engineering, procurement, construction and startup activities utilizing CPM Scheduling techniques (Primavera P3 / P3e/c, and Microsoft Project)
  • Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 scheduling services
  • CPM logic and graphical displays
  • Shows all interfaces with design team, client, vendors, consultants and contractors
  • Resource loaded with manhours and commodities
  • Schedule leveling

Performance measurement and reporting:

  • Define work breakdown structure
  • Definitive or detailed estimate input using "as designed" quantities
  • Progress engineering and procurement monthly
  • Progress construction weekly
  • Calculate productivity based on "as budgeted" values
  • Earned value
  • Construction commodities by work area
  • Baseline comparison
  • Productivity
  • Trending
  • Measurement is identified by milestones, deliverables or installed quantities; progress is ensured differently in each phase of the project (i.e. engineering, procurement or construction) based on physical work completed.
  • MIS — Burns & McDonnell's internal Management Information System
  • Primavera Project Planner and Project Planner Enterprise for Engineering & Construction
    • Project Planner is designed to handle large-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects. To organize projects up to 100,000 activities, P3 provides unlimited resources, unlimited number of target plans for proactive what-if-analysis, and multitude of ways to organize, filter and sort activities, projects, and resources. P3 allows past-period performance storage for historical reporting and analysis of resource assignments, cost and earned value. By comparing actual performance to original plans, processes and accuracy of future estimates can be improved.
    • Primavera Project Management v. 5.0 provides an integrated project management solution consisting of role-specific tools. It provides with a multiuser, multiproject system with scheduling and resource control capabilities supporting multi-tiered project hierarchies, resource scheduling with a focus on roles and skills. It uses standard Windows interfaces, client/server architecture, Web-enabled technology, and standalone (InterBase) or network-based (Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, including MSDE) databases for organizational-wide project management scalability. Primavera offers the following software components: Project Management, Methodology Management, Portfolio Analysis, Timesheets, my Primavera, Software Development Kit, Claim Digger, and Project Link.
    • Microsoft Project organizes and track tasks and resources to keep projects on time and within budget. Project can help allocate and schedule work, tasks, and activities.
    • Contract Manager v. 11.0 provides accountability, change management, job cost control, and reports management to ensure that your projects achieve successful on time and on budget completion. Contract Manager v. 11.0 places all data into one, central and secure database. It is simple to identify inefficient patterns, unfavorable trends or opportunities to cut costs in projects and programs. The database enables you to group, analyze and compare project performance by projected costs, region, and project manager. Contract Manager v. 11.0 provides change management power to assure changes are resolved, payment is made and claims are avoided. Contract Manager v. 11.0 tracks budgets, review commitment documents and record requisitions and invoices as they are received. The Cost Worksheet automatically collects and summarizes detailed cost elements from contracts, requisitions, changes and purchase orders and dynamically displays this in one easy-to-read form. In addition to the project support, Info Maker accompanies Contract Manager v. 11.0 to allow for customization of reports and forms to meet project needs.
    • Primavera Claim Digger v. 3.0 enables organizations to compare P3 project schedules, perform impact analysis, and document delays to the schedule.
  • Project controls specialist (cost and schedule)
  • Project controls manager (all project controls areas of expertise)
  • Commercial manager (project controls, prime and subcontracts, joint venture administration, claims avoidance, staff management)