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Strategic Resource Planning Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Strategic Resource Planning Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Staying compliant with environmental regulations and standards while minimizing costs has become complicated for utilities. Planning to meet environmental regulation and future load needs while considering renewable energy standards and an aging fleet requires extra staff, time and money — none of which utilities have in excess.

At Burns & McDonnell, we spend every day helping clients succeed in the face of these challenges. Our engineers and consultants have the experience and knowledge to plan for future load needs, from new resources to retrofitting existing assets to demand-side management. We'll help you develop a strategy for compliance with today's standards and be prepared for future changes while economically meeting future load needs.


Facility Retirement Assessments

Burns & McDonnell has assisted numerous clients in evaluating the economic viability of aging coal-fired and natural gas-fired units by providing recommendations for target retirement dates. The facility retirement assessments consider ongoing operations and maintenance costs against the future benefits of the plant to determine the plant's overall economic viability.

Environmental Regulations Planning

We assisted one of the largest coal suppliers in evaluating the impacts of potential EPA regulations to the existing U.S. coal fleet with regard to capital and operation and maintenance costs at the plants and the resulting economic impacts to the price of electricity. In addition to U.S. coal fleetwide evaluations, Burns & McDonnell has assisted utilities specifically with their units. These evaluations consist of a regulatory review and estimate of costs to achieve regulatory compliance. These costs are compared against the future benefits of the plant.

Integrated Resource Planning (IRP)

Burns & McDonnell is well-versed in IRP studies, including renewable evaluations, demand-side management, retirement scenarios and regulatory filing support. Burns & McDonnell has developed numerous forecasts — such as load and energy forecasts, market energy forecasts, and fuel forecasts — for use in IRP efforts.

  • Condition assessments
  • Regulatory reviews for environmental compliance
  • Load forecast development
  • Market energy forecast development
  • Fuel forecast development
  • Plant-specific economic evaluations
  • Systemwide economic evaluations
  • Unit valuations
  • Life-cycle economic assessments
  • Retirement assessments
  • Environmental and regulatory reviews
  • Integrated resource planning
  • Power supply solicitation evaluations
  • Market assessments