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Balancing Fair Rates and Cost Recovery

Balancing Fair Rates and Cost Recovery

It's a delicate balance.

Appropriate charges to your customers for services provided.

Adequate revenues to cover increasing costs.

Burns & McDonnell can help you find your balance.

Sensible Rates Set a Course for Success

Burns & McDonnell can help utilities evaluate the cost of providing products and services to customers. These evaluations help determine pricing that recovers those costs. Cost-of-service and rate analyses can include development of short-term, intermediate and long-term financial forecasts.

Computer models and databases are used to examine the effects of anticipated sales and costs on revenue. Studies are customized to each client and can include average-, marginal-, avoided- and unbundled-costs analyses. Our extensive experience includes water, wastewater, electric and stormwater financing and rates.

Study results are used to design rate structures for retail or wholesale markets. Experience allows the consideration of traditional and innovative options in the structure and application of pricing strategies. Competitive impacts are identified and assessed. The team also provides expert testimony to regulatory, legal or public authorities.

Combined with an effective public information program, Burns & McDonnell can deliver rate and fee services that are understood and accepted.


  • Cost-of-service analysis
  • Rate analysis
  • Rate structure and design
  • Audit of current rates
  • Long-term financial plans
  • Strategic plans
  • Operations forecasts
  • Capital improvement programs
  • Impact fees