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A Tool to Manage Risk, Focus on Your Business

A Tool to Manage Risk, Focus on Your Business

Today's environmental liabilities require unique solutions.

Transfer your environmental liability to Burns & McDonnell, and minimize financial uncertainty. Focus on your core business.

Risk Transfer Strategy from Burns & McDonnell.

Now Is the Best Time to Act on Your Environmental Liabilities

The potential for EPA and other governmental fines and penalties, both personal and corporate, are at all-time highs.

Burns & McDonnell's Risk Transfer Strategy (RTS) is the premier risk management tool available to your company for protection with respect to financial and regulatory uncertainty associated with environmentally impaired properties in the face of post-Sarbanes-Oxley environmental disclosure and accounting requirements. Our RTS provides a framework to quantify your company's potential environmental cleanup liabilities, reduce its related reserves, improve its balance sheet and purchasing power, and boost its goodwill within the community.

Utilize our RTS and rest comfortably knowing that your company is proactively managing its cleanup costs and obligations as well as minimizing the risk of litigation associated with current and future remediation obligations.

Simply stated, our RTS is a proactive method of managing environmental cleanup liabilities. Utilizing our RTS, we can design a risk transfer program that is comprehensive and tailored to meet the unique needs of your company. Through our RTS contract, we can stand in your shoes to clean up your properties (whether currently or formerly owned or operated) and obtain closure of your cleanup obligations that are imposed by federal and/or state requirements.

  • Remediated properties/properties subject to our RTS contract will be more attractive to prospective buyers.
  • Your fixed cost for the remediation is known before one dollar is spent.
  • Through fixing your remediation costs, you may reduce your reserves, improving your balance sheet and your purchasing power.
  • You can remain focused on your core business.
  • Your company builds community goodwill.

Our RTS allows us to provide a guaranteed fixed-price program for your company's environmental cleanup obligations. We will fully integrate a manuscripted environmental insurance policy with our RTS contract to ensure risk transfer terms of optimal endpoint (e.g., regulatory closure), length, scope, limits and transferability options. Before remediation begins, you will know the cost and scope of the cleanup risk that you can transfer to Burns & McDonnell and the environmental insurance carrier.

Burns & McDonnell is an employee-owned, financially solid engineering, construction, environmental and consulting firm that has successfully designed, constructed and operated remediation systems for contaminated sites for more than 20 years. We have earned national recognition for hazardous waste remediation, risk-based cleanups and solid waste management. Put our strength and experience to work for you, and we will minimize your environmental cleanup liability risk.