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Randy Pope
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Reliable, Efficient and Integrated Ramp Power and Air

Reliable, Efficient and Integrated Ramp Power and Air

Preconditioned air and 400-hertz power are critical — and costly — services. You need an approach that maximizes both efficiency and reliability.

Burns & McDonnell specializes in system designs that reduce energy and maintenance costs while cutting air pollutants.

As an independent consultant, we compare the cost benefits of point-of-sale and central systems — with no manufacturer biases — ensuring that your needs come first. Because we design both power and air systems, your solution is integrated for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Central refrigeration plants
  • Central heating plants
  • Ice storage systems for peak shaving
  • Glycol distribution loops
  • Point-of-use direct exchange (DX) systems
  • Central and point-of-use 400-hertz systems
  • High-voltage (2,400/4,160 volt) 400-hertz systems