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Are You Always Planning? We Are

Are you always ...

... current with your 5-year, 10-year, 20-year plans?

Chances are that your organization is not the same as it was a few years ago. Your planning documents should reflect the future from today’s perspective. With this in mind, Burns & McDonnell recommends the Always Planning approach to our customers. Always Planning is the practice of continuously reviewing and updating short- and long-term plans rather than drafting new plans that soon become obsolete.

... using existing design data for new projects?

It makes no sense to collect and organize your facility design data each time a new project begins. When you’re Always Planning, your design information is current and integrated with your plan.

... relying on project plan data for facility operation and maintenance activities?

In the course of supporting our conventional engineering services, Burns & McDonnell’s Information Management Group coined the term DataConservation™ to describe our practice of tying facility business processes to a central data model. This eliminates redundant silos of information across departments and results in information being conserved during routine business activities. Data usage, maintenance and creation are all coordinated with a single business data model. It is one of the most powerful strategies that will be implemented within your facility’s information management initiative.

We are always planning.

Our Information Management Group follows a principle of “Always Planning” and works diligently with our clients to build an information system that yields accurate information where and when it is needed. Let us help you get the same results.