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Wastewater Treatment That Grows with the Community

Wastewater Treatment That Grows with the Community

Municipal wastewater management is an ongoing challenge.

Wastewater utilities must comply with changing regulations while delivering higher levels of service to customers in the face of increasing competition.

And, as cities grow, so do wastewater needs.

Creative Solutions to Wastewater Challenges

Burns & McDonnell specialists in regulatory compliance, conveyance systems, treatment, residuals management, design-build and operations management will listen to your requirements and provide creative solutions to the wastewater challenges you face.

Beyond effective planning to reliable collection and conveyance systems, Burns & McDonnell provides municipal wastewater treatment technologies that have evolved to meet stricter regulatory demands as well as lower costs. We search for the treatment solution that can be reliably operated and maintained by your staff. We consult with your staff as a plan is developed to ensure your full support and confidence.

See more about our experience with industrial wastewater treatment.

  • Various grit removal processes and grit handling systems
  • Nitrifying (ammonia removal) activated sludge processes with a variety of aeration systems and basin configurations
  • Biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal processes, including retrofits into existing plants and new treatment plants
  • Alternative disinfection processes, including various types of ultraviolet disinfection systems
  • Odor control systems, including chemical treatment of wastewater, and containment, collection and treatment of odorous air using several odor treatment technologies
  • Plantwide SCADA and control systems to improve performance and operating efficiency

We offer design and consulting services for the management of wastewater treatment residuals produced by existing and new treatment facilities. Our range of experience includes:

  • Biological stabilization process
  • Chemical conditioning systems
  • Incineration
  • Composting
  • Residuals management and disposal programs
  • Permitting

Helping your wastewater treatment plan run more efficiently and save money is the goal of our operations and management (O&M) consultation team. Our broad range of knowledge and experience includes:

  • Effluent quality
  • Energy usage
  • Operations and troubleshooting
  • Management and training

Federal clean water and air regulations have many implications for wastewater utilities. Burns & McDonnell personnel help you stay in compliance by keeping abreast of ever-changing regulations. Our staff can help you comply with regulations in areas of:

  • Effluent quality
  • Residuals management
  • Industrial pretreatment
  • Combined sewer overflows
  • Sanitary sewer overflows
  • Air emissions including odors
  • Watershed total maximum daily load evaluation

Burns & McDonnell also provides field studies to determine whether your system complies with regulations, and assists you with obtaining necessary permits.



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