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Integrated Land & Right-of-Way Services

Integrated Land & Right-of-Way Services

The evolution of projects, especially electrical transmission projects, into today's $4 billion mega projects means you face expedited schedules, stringent siting requirments, better-informed landowners and increasingly organized opposition.

Land acquisition and right-of-way management are no longer standalone functions. Rather, a highly integrated approach is necessary, with a dedicated team that remains involved throughout the life of the project.

Burns & McDonnell has built a team of land acquisition and right-of-way management specialists, part of our Stakeholder Management Group that can bring the focus you need to handle project stakeholder and real estate activities.

Experience Managing Land Acquisition

Our team has handled projects ranging in size from $5 million to $4.1 billion. Our experiences with clients like Oklahoma Gas & Electric, Dominion Virginia Power, Central Maine Power and Northeast Utilities have enabled us to build processes that integrate public involvement and outreach functions tightly with land acquisition and right-of-way management, helping your project be successful in meeting the needs of stakeholders on all sides.

Your project will benefit from a customized approach to project management, reporting and client guidance designed to keep your technical leads focused on their responsibilities while our team tackles the day-to-day land acquisition management issues.

By working with our team, you can enjoy the ease having a single source of reporting and responsibility, alleviating the need to manage multiple subcontractors, contracts and project issues.

Technical Tools to Track Progress

In today's world, successful projects require efficient management of massive amounts of data. Our Stakeholder Data Management System (SDMS) has three components: a database, a portable field data collection tool, and a web-based geospatial dashboard. These components are integrated into a comprehensive system that enables customized reporting and real-time access to the status of all tasks.

  • Land acquisition plan
  • Landowner identification
  • Title search and review
  • Survey permission and notification
  • Land valuation studies and appraisals
  • Survey and legal descriptions
  • Easement and plat preparation
  • Negotiation and acquisition
  • Eminent domain support
  • Construction liaison 
  • Damage resolution
  • Staff augmentation 
  • Encroachment identification and resolution