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Reliable Forecasting for Potential Growth

Reliable Forecasting for Potential Growth

Transmission congestion can have a significant impact on a generation resource's revenue in a nodal power market. Burns & McDonnell has the necessary resources and experienced professionals to perform locational marginal pricing (LMP) or nodal analysis as part of a thoughtfully developed study considering new transmission or generation projects. We use highly customizable computer models to develop LMP forecasts at specific locations.

LMP or nodal pricing is used in many deregulated electricity markets across the country. The locational marginal price comprises a generation charge, a marginal congestion charge and a charge for system marginal loss. Prices fluctuate from hour to hour, day to day, throughout the year, from node to node. Factors ranging from weather to planned maintenance to unexpected outages can result in volatile pricing. Sophisticated analysis prepares for a variety of scenarios.

Integrated Approach to Model Development

Security constrained economic dispatch (SCED) software tools can be used to evaluate transmission load flow issues, congestion issues and economic dispatch of existing generation assets and potential new generation sources. Models can also account for future transmission development plans.

By analyzing existing LMP patterns and probable future developments, Burns & McDonnell can make recommendations regarding potential profitability of generation and transmission assets, whether existing or at promising future development sites.

At Burns & McDonnell, every challenge is an opportunity to help our clients succeed. We'll help you prepare to make the most economical decisions to provide a powerful future for all of us.

  • Security constrained economic dispatch
  • Locational marginal price development
  • Transmission congestion evaluation
  • Economic transmission evaluation
  • Renewable generation curtailment evaluation
  • LMP forecast development
  • Transmission congestion evaluation
  • Economic transmission analysis
  • Renewable generation curtailment review