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Fire Protection Engineering for Challenging Industrial Applications

Fire Protection Engineering for Challenging Industrial Applications

Industrial fire protection engineering encompasses a wide variety of buildings, industrial facilities processes, and occupancies that typically offer more challenging fire protection hazards.

Whether the hazard is chemical processing, oil refining and petroleum processing, power generation, or high-hazard storage, these unique applications require a detailed hazard and risk analysis to define a fire protection strategy that provides for life safety and aligns with your risk mitigation strategies.

Specialized Evaluations for Industrial Hazards

Our industrial fire protection consulting team recognizes that industrial applications are highly specialized and often require significant evaluation and analysis to determine all of the hazards to life, property and business continuity.

Our experienced and knowledgeable fire protection engineers understand the challenges you face, and we can help you implement the cost-effective solutions that will reduce your exposure, establish compliance with applicable codes and standards, and align with established industry practices.

  • Fire suppression analysis and design: wet pipe; dry pipe; pre-action; deluge; water spray; mist; foam; wet/dry chemical; clean agent; and carbon dioxide
  • Fire water infrastructure assessment and design: water supply integrity; storage; pumping; and distribution mains
  • Life safety analysis: facility egress; fire detection and alarm; smoke management systems; fire resistance; and compartment integrity
  • Fire protection commissioning: fire suppression; smoke management; and fire alarm systems
  • Performance-based design and fire risk assessment
  • Egress modeling, fire and smoke modeling, human behavior, species propagation
  • Special hazard analysis: fire load; flammability; explosion analysis; and hazardous materials
  • Code compliance, plan and specification review
  • Construction administration and inspection
  • Code consulting: building codes, fire codes, NFPA, API, client-specific standards and specifications