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Nathan Benjamin
Manager of Programs — Global Facilities
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Brian Alferman
Global Reuse Services Manager
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Solutions for Building Material Reuse

Solutions for Building Material Reuse

Whether you have or need used building materials, our Global Reuse Services team provides the solutions.

We help divert material from landfills by connecting buyers and sales outlets, providing seamless coordination through our experienced team and mobile-friendly job site forms. For projects from 600 to 600,000 square feet, our design and construction professionals collaborate with your team and match your project needs with available reclaimed materials, from the standard to the unique. Our work saves money, enhances Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) efforts, and helps designers, builders and owners meet project and sustainability goals.

Our services cover two primary areas: material coordination and material sourcing. Learn more on the tabs below.

Omega Center for Sustainable Living
Rhinebeck, N.Y.

An environmental education center and natural water reclamation facility built as the first green building in the United States to achieve both LEED® Platinum and Living Building Challenge™ certification.

The Patio on Goldfinch
San Diego

Sourcing for 3,100 square feet of reclaimed wood paneling and flooring milled from dense hardwoods from tropical lowlands.

Blue Cross Blue Shield/Interface

Reuse coordination for the renovation of 400,000 square feet of office space, yielding 430 pallets of useable carpet tile diverted from the landfill and donated to a nonprofit reuse center.

Brooklyn Navy Yard
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Reuse of 5,500 square feet of 7-inch wide reclaimed oak flooring from a Nebraska warehouse for the historic renovation of a four-story modern extension that achieved LEED Platinum status.

Natural Resources Defense Council

A 7,800-square-foot tenant finish project using reclaimed douglas fir for walls and floors on the 16th floor of the 1929 Civic Opera House Building in The Loop.

Greensburg Schools
Greensburg, Kan.

Supply of repurposed rebuilding materials in the wake of tornado destruction, including salvaged cypress siding from trees downed by Hurricane Katrina.

Nearly 40 percent of landfill waste is building materials. To reduce that volume, our Global Reuse Services team coordinates resources being removed during renovations, with an industry target of diverting up to 30 percent of construction waste away from landfills by 2020.

Traditionally, a viable option has not been the easy option — until now. Whether your project is driven by economic or environmental factors, the power of our global network streamlines the way to sustainable solutions. The system helps eliminate disposal costs from your project by connecting salvaged materials with buyers in need of resources, all while keeping your renovation on schedule.

As the market moves toward zero waste, let us indentify alternatives to disposal that will enhance your triple bottom line — people, planet and profit.

Your business has a story, and so should your space. When you buy salvaged materials, the elements of your walls, ceilings, furnishings and fixtures entwine legacies of the past with the future of your venture. Whether new construction, a renovation or tenant improvements, incorporating reclaimed items into your space is both environment and budget friendly.

Our team helps you tap into a sourcing network spanning the globe, allowing your project to harvest local resources or infuse international supplies, giving your space a unique voice and potentially reducing expenses compared to new materials.

Doing the right thing and saving money is a feel-good combination — and you should be rewarded for it. For projects seeking certification, Global Reuse Services can provide the guidance and reporting tools to help achieve LEED or Living Building Challenge standards.


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