Randy Pope

Randy Pope
Vice President
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Military Fueling Systems on the Cutting Edge

Military Fueling Systems on the Cutting Edge

Our history of aviation design for the U.S. government began in World War II, with the Smoky Hill Army Airfield in Salina, Kan., the largest B-29 training airfield of its era.

It has continued with cutting-edge facilities for aircraft and personnel across the nation and worldwide.

Our experience includes design of petroleum fuel facilities with Type III pressurized hydrant fueling systems for use with R-12 hydrant servicers or pantograph equipment and accommodations for R-9 or R-11 refuelers.

  • Master planning
  • Site selection, layout and planning
  • Inventory control systems
  • Fuel testing systems
  • Leak containment
  • Environmental analysis
    • Fuel storage and distribution complexes
    • Startup and commissioning
    • Controls and instrumentation
    • Operations and maintenance support manuals
    • Storage tank and hydrant system upgrades
    • Permitting and construction monitoring