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Accurate Estimating Through Experience

Accurate Estimating Through Experience

Estimating: The process by which you incorporate the experience of the past with the knowledge of the present to predict the future.

Accurate estimating begins with the understanding that every aspect of a project has a cost associated with it. Albert Einstein once said: "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."

A Professional Approach

That's why estimating involves listening to the owner to understand project goals, predicting costs by understanding market conditions, using supplier and subcontractor relationships for pricing and constructability, capturing cost history and communicating this information in a timely and meaningful way to the project team.

The Burns & McDonnell estimating department comprises professional estimators who specialize in one or more disciplines, including site, civil, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical. At least one of our expert estimators cover virtually every aspect of a project.

Our estimators are diverse in experience and qualifications and include licensed engineers, certified professional estimators by the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE), and previous experience working for general contractors and major mechanical and electrical subcontractors.

We are experienced with numerous estimating programs and systems and can adapt these to meet the specific project needs.

Experience Factor

Because we provide estimates to our traditional engineering-only clients and well as our design-build construction clients, we have developed an extensive database of cost information on a wide variety of domestic and foreign projects.

Our approach to estimating is to assign a lead estimator whose experience and leadership is a good fit for the team and project. The lead estimator will be involved from project concept through construction completion and will be supported by discipline specific estimators as needed. A baseline estimate will be established early in the process. Updates will be done as issues arise and alternatives need to be evaluated. We do not do this just at 30 percent, 60 percent and 90 percent drawing completion. This is the key to keeping the project within budget and on schedule.

Throughout the Project

Providing accurate estimates during all phases of the design — so that our clients can make timely, fact-based decisions with confidence — is the goal of estimating.

Let us make your next project a success.