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Environmental Monitoring to Keep Construction on Track

Environmental Monitoring to Keep Construction on Track

In an era where many states and agencies have environmental compliance monitors and enforcement crews, you can no longer afford to not have an environmental compliance manager on-site.

Burns & McDonnell can help, with environmental monitoring for construction compliance services on the leading edge of environmental monitoring innovation. We endeavor to seamlessly integrate with your project management systems to help verify that construction is completed in line with environmental regulations, stipulations and mitigation requirements.

Better Communication, Better Results

Communication among the client, contractor and project management team is crucial to project success. You need to be aware of potential issues and where construction or schedule impacts could arise due to environmental restrictions. Through the use of on-site data collection from the field environmental crews into our OneTouchPM data management system, Burns & McDonnell can provide daily updates to both on-site team members and remote staff. Showing seasonal environmental restrictions and monitoring requirements tied to construction progress can help reduce delays and keep construction moving.

Meeting the Challenges with Demonstrated Success

Construction projects present special challenges, and being prepared for possible environmental issues can help avoid potential stumbling blocks to schedules and budgets. Burns & McDonnell's proven success with implementing environmental monitoring and compliance programs for large projects provides you with the confidence that we know how to anticipate potential challenges and reach quick resolution.

Burns & McDonnell has successfully completed environmental compliance and monitoring services on projects across the United States, including many non-linear facility projects and over 1,000 miles of linear projects, including managing compliance monitoring for some of the first 500-kV transmission line construction in Southern California in the past 20 years. Our experienced staff consists of trained and certified professionals that have successfully delivered high-quality service on projects to clients all across the nation.