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Encroachment Management for Uninterrupted Service

Encroachment Management for Uninterrupted Service

Encroachments along existing transmission routes can impede maintenance, create safety and liability issues, or hinder construction.

They can grow into political and public relations issues that will have to be mitigated in the thick of an important rebuild project. They also may impact your profitability.

Resources You Need

Identifying and cataloging the hundreds — sometimes thousands — of encroachments that have occurred on a decades-old transmission line can take weeks. Mitigating these issues is a complex, time-consuming process that requires resources most utilities cannot spare.

Burns & McDonnell has the experience and technological tools to simplify your project.

Simplify the Complicated

Encroachment management services from Burns & McDonnell equip you to move forward with successful line maintenance, operation and reconstruction.

We bring the tools and strategies to you to make you successful.

  • Identify & Collect Data: A handheld encroachment identification system inputs encroachment data and images directly to our OneTouchES® database, feeding data into Contract Manager or other software.
  • Categorize & Develop Guidelines: Address the type of encroachments documented and clarify processes for granting permitted uses to landowners. Develop processes for notification and payment of financial considerations, based on your community relations stance, political considerations, zoning ordinances and permits.
  • Evaluate & Track: Research existing permits, licenses or leases granted to determine if the encroachment is in violation. OneTouchPM®, Burns & McDonnell's Google Earth-enabled geospatial dashboard can take data from Contract Manager or other databases and enable customized views of encroachment status, issues and risks in real time.
  • Mitigate & Follow Up: Implement the individual encroachment plans developed. Follow-up documentation includes verification of encroachment removal, photos and field notes.