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Cybersecurity Webinars

Power Utility Cybersecurity Webinars
NERC Compliance: Updated


Webinar #6

Physical Security - Implementation and Integration Solutions for NERC CIP Version 5

This webinar addresses physical implementation and integration of physical security technologies to better assist entities in complying with NERC CIP-006 Version 5. The webinar covers the types of physical access controls needed for high, medium and low. Also addressed are types of solutions for integrating your access control, incident response and visitor access control systems to maintain low costs for personnel training and to improve return on investment for your physical security technologies. We also discussed physical security countermeasures for specific threat vectors that can be utilized in your CIP-014 security plans.

Webinar #5

CIP-002: Version 5 Methodology Documentation and Cyber Asset Classification

This webinar focuses on the documentation used and created by an Entity that will serve as evidence of compliance with CIP-002-5 as well as the classification of Cyber Assets including examples where an Entity may find they have both Medium impact and Low impact BCS at the same BES asset.

Webinar #4

Using Internal Control to Enhance and Strengthen Your NERC Compliance Program

This webinar covers the types of internal controls, and control activities, necessary for enhancing and strengthening your NERC Compliance Program. As NERC continues to formalize its Reliability Assurance Initiative (RAI) for enforcement and compliance, your work on developing and improving internal control with the goal of a good, or even excellent, rating for the Reliability Risk Assessment will prove to be worth the investment.

Webinar #3

Integrated Factory Acceptance Testing- Key Advantages for Generation and Transmission Owners

This webinar is focused on integrating security testing into the traditional Factory Acceptance Test. Anytime an entity integrates anything into their Industrial Control System (ICS) they have included a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). The FAT enables the entity to avoid costly redesign and troubleshooting during outage operations. Integrated Security Testing will provide an opportunity to verify communications between systems with security-enabled functions and discover potential issues prior to site installation.

Webinar #2

Tools for Change Control and Configuration Management

This webinar explores the key attributes of tools to manage Change Control and Configuration Management including the need for data federation, best practice recommendations, and other considerations when selecting and implementing Change Control and Configuration Management tools.

Webinar #1

Developing a CIP-002-5 Methodology: Understanding the Process Behind It

This webinar covers the unique characteristics of CIP-002-5 an Entity needs to understood when determining a methodology for identification of BES Cyber Systems (BCS) and their Impact Rating using the bright-line criteria in Attachment 1. With an understanding of the characteristics, potential approaches will be discussed to assist in determining an approach to meet an Entity’s operational environment.


Power Utility Cybersecurity Webinars
NERC Compliance: Translated

Webinar #4

Securing Generation Control of Systems for NERC CIP Compliance While Maintaining Reliability

This webinar emphasizes the critical importance of securing your Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and their information, as generation, transmission and distribution professionals grapple with tightening regulations, advancing technologies and mounting access vulnerabilities. The webinar shows you how to fight back against the potential for cyberattacks that could shut down a generating unit, cut off electricity to customers, pose safety risks for workers and drain crucial revenues from producers.

Webinar #3

PRC-005: Successfully Transitioning Your Program to the Next Version

This webinar outlines solutions for maintaining a program that is sound, manageable and — most importantly — adaptable to any ongoing or upcoming changes in PRC-005 compliance requirements. The webinar covers best practices for documentation, gap analysis, implementation, and a sustainable compliance program. Presenter is Linda V. Lynch, PMP, senior compliance consultant, Burns & McDonnell.

Webinar #2

How to Design My Physical Security to Meet NERC CIP Version 5

This latest webinar — How to Design My Physical Security to Meet NERC CIP Version 5 — covers the unique technical, geographical and personnel challenges of designing a physical security program for electric transmission substations and power generating plants. Understanding key factors — operational environments and their technologies, depth of CIP knowledge of operations staff, and availability of compliance tools — is critical for designing a comprehensive physical security program. Presenter is Vince Aragon, senior physical security consultant, Burns & McDonnell.

Webinar #1

NERC CIP Compliance Program: Design, Implementation, Controls and Metrics for Substations and Power Plants

This webinar covers techniques, approaches and strategies to generate and maintain effective programs. Presenters are Rahul Chhabra, senior compliance consultant, Burns & McDonnell; Pedro Melendez, senior staff engineer, ITC Holdings Corp.; and Ingrid Rayo, senior compliance consultant, Burns & McDonnell.