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Preserving Cultural Resources While Moving Your Project Forward

Preserving Cultural Resources While Moving Your Project Forward

Yesterday ... Today ... Tomorrow.

Know how yesterday's remnants can affect your project today. And keep moving to your tomorrow.

Complete archaeological and cultural resource solutions from Burns & McDonnell.

The Complete Solution

Burns & McDonnell has the academically and professionally trained staff to do all phases of archaeological work.

Our construction monitoring experience can help you make timely decisions and keep your project moving with an immediate evaluation of cultural resources encountered.

Early Identification

At the beginning of your project, we can often help you select a site or route that avoids historic properties. When important resources cannot be avoided, we can develop mitigative measures that allow you to proceed.

Helping you obtain construction clearance from the state historic preservation officer and comply with section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) is our specialty.

In most cases, eligibility testing and mitigation can be avoided with comprehensive field investigations early in the project planning stages. If historic properties are discovered, they can be avoided, and in most instances, it's easier, less time-consuming and less expensive to route around historic properties than it is to perform additional investigations.

  • Archival records research
  • Literature review
  • Intensive field surveys
  • National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) eligibility testing
  • Full-scale excavation (mitigation) projects on already impacted
  • NRHP-eligible properties
  • NRHP nominations

Additional Services

  • 4(f) evaluations for the Federal Highway Administration
  • Development of programmatic agreements
  • Writing of memoranda of agreements
  • Native American tribal consultation