Brian Lindstrom

Brian Lindstrom
Commissioning Practice Leader
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James Sledd Jr.

James Sledd Jr.
Project Manager, Commissioning
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Commissioning for a Cost-Effective, Optimized Facility

Commissioning for a Cost-Effective, Optimized Facility

Tight budgets and aggressive project delivery schedules can result in overlooked design and construction details. Ignoring those details can result in air quality problems and inefficient operation. As a building owner and operator, you will eventually uncover those details, but the price to you will be dissatisfaction and increased operating costs.  

With the Burns & McDonnell facility commissioning process, you can take full advantage of:

  • Increased building operational efficiencies
  • Improved facility environmental control (temperature, humidity, IAQ, etc.)
  • Extended equipment lifetimes
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved operator training

Burns & McDonnell engineers and commissioning specialists have designed and commissioned a wide variety of facilities. With this detailed knowledge, they can verify, test and document system performance to determine if it is in compliance with the owner’s design intent.

Combining our experience and a commitment to customer service, you can rest assured Burns & McDonnell will deliver quality service and meet expectations.

Commissioning Approach: Commitment to Sustainable Design

Our firm’s more than 250 LEED-accredited professionals are a testament to our commitment to sustainable design, which is a cornerstone of our commissioning experience.

This familiarity with the goals of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) process allows Burns & McDonnell to tailor our commissioning effort to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our team understands the commissioning process is vital to ensuring the building performs as efficiently as intended.

An Integrated Process

Burns & McDonnell’s commissioning efforts often include a multi-phased involvement in a project’s design and construction process. We actively participate in a project’s pre-design, design, construction and post-construction phase activities. This thorough approach allows our commissioning experts to be a strong contributor to the overall success of a project.

Burns & McDonnell’s approach to building commissioning focuses on being a strong owner-advocate. Our engineers understand the thought processes and design philosophies used in the design process. We have been involved in design and construction projects where a third-party agent commissioned our designs, so we know how to bring value through communication and problem solving.

Whether it’s new construction or renovations to an existing facility, our commissioning specialists consistently bring value to our clients by giving them an increased opportunity for project success. Focusing on the aspects of a facility design that are most important to our clients (i.e., system reliability, energy efficiency, optimized performance, etc.), Burns & McDonnell can help ensure that the facility and systems that were built and paid for have the highest potential to meet the needs of our clients.

This is just one more way Burns & McDonnell is helping make our clients successful.