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Central Utility Plants & District Energy:<br>Dedicated to Optimization

Central Utility Plants & District Energy:
Dedicated to Optimization

Central utility plants cost effectively consolidate energy conversion equipment into one location to provide advantages in efficiency, reliability, maintainability and redundancy. At Burns & McDonnell, we have a team dedicated to analyzing, optimizing, retrofitting and expanding central utility plants and the associated district energy systems. We also design utility generation that integrates and coordinates with thermal distribution and, ultimately, the demand side of HVAC.

We create fully coordinated central utility plants and district energy systems that optimize chilled water, steam, hot water and power delivery service to your campus.

Drawing on decades of experience in designing, constructing and commissioning plant systems and monitoring performance, Burns & McDonnell optimizes your energy efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. We also continuously assess emerging technologies to incorporate the most effective solutions in your central utility plant or district energy system.

Facilities Designed for Efficiency

Burns & McDonnell also considers the issues that drive utility use at the building and space levels to offer critical input in the development of design standards, so new facilities operate efficiently. And when it comes to load planning, we incorporate the demand savings goals into projections for your newly optimized central utility plant and district energy system.

With this proven approach to designing central utility plants and district energy systems, Burns & McDonnell helps you achieve aggressive, realistic goals for reducing energy consumption and cost on your campus.

  • Central heating and cooling plant feasibility studies and design
  • Combined heat and power studies and design
  • Controls upgrades
  • Distribution upgrades and metering
  • Energy auditing, modeling and optimization
  • Environmental permitting
  • Equipment procurement
  • Generation interconnection studies
  • Hazardous materials management and compliance
  • Heat recovery and heat pump chillers
  • Interconnection design
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification
  • Life-cycle cost evaluations
  • Noise analysis and abatement
  • Power distribution and transmission
  • Rate studies and benchmarking analysis
  • Site selection, expansion and conceptual design
  • Substations
  • System commissioning
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Tunnel design
  • Utility design
  • Water treatment upgrades



Powerful Project: New Parkland Hospital to Rely on Central Utility Plant

Powerful Project: New Parkland Hospital to Rely on Central Utility Plant

As Parkland Hospital moves into a new, larger health care campus, it draws all essential thermal, electric, water and emergency utilities from a new central utility plant designed by Burns & McDonnell.

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District Energy Feature: Dallas's Mega Health Care Project

District Energy Feature: Dallas's Mega Health Care Project

The new Parkland Hospital is served by state-of-the-art central plant, a $74 million facility providing essential thermal, electric, water and emergency utilities to the campus buildings. Resiliency, sustainability and long-term operational flexibility became the driving forces that shaped the design of the plant.

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