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Reaching Closure on CERCLA/NPL Sites

Reaching Closure on CERCLA/NPL Sites

Your CERCLA/NPL site issues won't go away by themselves. Burns & McDonnell is the experienced consultant to help you navigate the regulatory process to reach closure.

Remove Your Environmental Liability

Environmental issues are a liability for you and your business. Burns & McDonnell conducts investigations and remediations at manufacturing plants, chemical plants, landfills, disposal facilities, public facilities and Department of Defense sites.

We work for Potentially Responsible Parties ranging in size from two to several hundred, and we have unique experience working for federal, state and municipal clients.

Our Experience   Your Benefit
  • Innovative approaches to investigations
Reduced schedule and costs
  • Chemistry/data validation experience
Quality data with reduced false positives
  • Extensive CERCLA reporting experience
→  Submittals right the first time
  • Ecological and human health risk assessment
Reduced cleanup and reassurance to local citizens
  • Design-build remediation
Reduced schedule and costs
  • Experience with federal and state regulators
Smoother negotiations, reduced schedules and often a reduction in the required work
  • Innovative remediation technologies
Cost-effective remediation in a timely manner
  • Responsible for the first engineered remedial action in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region VII
  • Conducted investigation and/or remediation on 18 Superfund sites
  • Remediation, ramp down and delisting of Wheeling Superfund site
  • Negotiated one of the first monitored natural attenuation record of decisions (RODs) at a Superfund site in Kansas
  • Working four of seven Superfund sites in Kansas and two of the three state-lead Superfund sites in Oklahoma
  • Leader in in-situ remediation techniques