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Kevin Eisenbeis
Director of Bridges
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A Leader in Movable Bridges and More

A Leader in Movable Bridges and More

Our founder helped develop some of the first patented movable bridge designs. Today, Harrington & Cortelyou movable bridges provide shared port access for ships, railcars, cars and trucks. Our experience includes all types of vertical lift, swing, floating and retractable spans, with operating systems that range from simple manual systems to sophisticated programmable electronic controls.

Harrington & Cortelyou's customized designs specify exactly what's right for the job — like the zinc-rich, high-build urethane paint system that protects a South San Francisco swing bridge adjacent to salt ponds from corrosion and construction programs that protect environmentally sensitive areas.

Highway Bridges

From recreation of ornate elements on historic bridges to modern gateways to growing cities such as Omaha, Neb., to the protected bikeway on a 2,244-foot bridge across the Missouri River to Hermann, Mo., Harrington & Cortelyou bridges are designed to meet clients' needs and exceed their expectations. Our 2,670-foot bridge over the Missouri River at Waverly Mo. was completed more than a year ahead of schedule and $4 million under budget, in part due to a design that eliminated costly haunced girder webs. Our services include development of steel or concrete girder alternatives, drilling of shaft foundations, and coordination with agencies including the Corps of Engineers and Coast Guard.

Municipal and County Bridges

As your city grows or country roads carry increased traffic, residents need the safety and convenience that adding, replacing or renovating a bridge can provide. Harrington & Cortelyou will assist you in every stage of designing, estimating and building your city or county bridge improvements, including right-of-way acquisition and state and federal permitting. We understand that appearance and cost are major concerns. Harrington & Cortelyou bridge designs accommodate clients' needs for pedestrian access or materials that aesthetically blend with a natural landscape or historic district. We have the ability to expedite all phases of design and construction to quickly execute emergency repairs or replacements due to high water flows or other catastrophic events. 

  • Design and plans
  • Site evaluations
  • Cost estimates
  • Inspections and repair recommendations
  • Hydraulic and scour studies
  • Design reports, plans and specifications
  • Construction inspection and daily reports
  • Structure type and pier location studies