Greg Howick

Greg Howick
Senior Aquatic Ecologist
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Aquatic Ecology Experience for Your Project

Aquatic Ecology Experience for Your Project

Aquatic resources include water quantity, water quality and the biota that live in water.

Evaluating the status of these ecological resources and the potential impacts of development on the aquatic environment can be essential elements in project design and permitting.

Burns & McDonnell's experience ranges from predicting changes in stream flow to evaluating discharges in relation to water quality standards and regulations, to characterizing aquatic biotic communities.

Complying with NPDES, CWA Regulations

Aquatic studies are often central to National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits and related Clean Water Act regulations such as those under Sections 316(a) and (b). To conduct aquatic studies, we have specialists in hydrology, limnology, aquatic ecology, ichthyology and botany.

  • Electrofishing (boat and backpack)
  • Seining
  • Hoop netting
  • Gill netting
  • Larval fish collecting
  • Single-beam sonar
  • Impingement and entrainment studies
  • Source water biological characterization
  • Feasibility and cost/benefit analysis
  • Facility water balance determination
  • Intake design
  • Intake zone of hydraulic influence
  • Cooling system design
  • Fish handling or barrier system design
  • Bathymetric mapping
  • Aquatic restoration