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Advanced Technology Series

Advanced Technology Series

Burns & McDonnell is pleased to continue our focus on technology’s impact on the transmission and distribution industry. The Advanced Technology Series running through September 2013 features five equipment vendors providing new technology that can improve transmission performance.
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January 17 | Dynamic Line Rating | Now available on demand >
Lindsey Manufacturing Co. along with their partners at Idaho National Labs have developed and deployed a new Transmission Line Monitor (TLM) for EHV lines that uses onboard LiDAR to measure conductor ground clearance, and other sensors to measure conductor temperature, tilt, roll and conductor vibration. Data from the TLM is transmitted via mesh network radio to an end point computer. This data can be used to manage congestion problems on transmission lines. When combined with weather and line loading data, algorithms have been developed by Lindsey's partner, MWH, to calculate day ahead line capacity. These new forecasting tools will increase line capacities while continually monitoring the line to maintain compliance with NERC requirements. This webinar will present the results of this new TLM technology.

March 20 | Distributed Var Control | Now available on demand >
Smart Wire Grid Inc. (SWG) introduced and implemented a unique power flow control method via smart wire technology, which includes SWG’s distributed series reactors, sensors, communication protocols and control algorithms. Power flow control is applied on each phase by injecting inductance into each line conductor — change in line impedance allows active and reactive power flow control. Depending on the design, each of the distributed series reactors (DSRs) is capable of injecting nominally 50 µH of inductance. The smart wire technology is not only cost beneficial but also fast and easy to implement — it does not require line outage or substation work. Smart wire technology has demonstrated extreme efficiency for the overload protection of transmission facilities, participation in the remedial action schemes/special protection schemes, phase balancing on non-transposed transmission lines, and energy cost reduction in the market. SWG is one of the most respected start-up companies in the energy field. It is highly recognized and supported by the NEETRAC and Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy.

May 30 | High Capacity Conductors | Now available on demand >
The electric power industry recognizes that high capacity conductors can offer substantial performance advantages over standard steel and aluminum conductors, most notably for increasing capacity of existing transmission lines. But how do you know when these advantages provide real value in your project or which conductor is best for your application? We will answer these questions and provide the information needed to be confident when selecting a high-capacity conductor. 3M experts will discuss one such conductor, 3M Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced (3M ACCR). The presenters will outline how ACCR works, when to use it to help resolve your project’s challenges, how to design with ACCR and choose the best option, and what to know about the reliable performance and durability of the conductor as demonstrated in laboratory and field testing and case studies.

July 17 | Micropiles: A Foundation Alternative for Challenging Conditions | Now available on demand >
Investment in high-voltage transmission has dramatically increased in recent years due to the growing demand for power, increased reliability standards, and the integration of renewable energy sources. Micropile foundations — because of their ability to be installed using compact, portable equipment — provide a viable alternative to more traditional foundation designs when preferred alignments traverse rugged or protected terrain where standard modes of access are not practical or possible. Micropiles are lightweight, high-capacity elements that are readily adaptable to site-specific ground conditions and tower loads. Crux Subsurface will share the development and application of this innovative foundation alternative and discuss the contribution that micropiles have made to foundation design optimization in the industry. Crux will discuss the next steps for furthering design optimization through a multidisciplinary engineering focus and construction methods that allow for foundation selection based on individual site conditions.

September 17 | SMART Power Flow Controller for Smart Grid Applications | Now available on demand >
The smart grid is envisioned to be integrating necessary devices for its most efficient operation. One such operation is increasing electric power flow in existing transmission lines with the use of a goal-oriented smart power flow controller (SPFC). This presentation is designed to provide the basic principles of power flow control technology and an overview of the most commonly used power flow controllers.

January 17 | Dynamic Line Rating
Keith E. Lindsey | President, Lindsey Manufacturing Co.
Dr. Keith E. Lindsey earned his doctorate from Stanford University. He is President of Lindsey Manufacturing Co. and has 41 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of high voltage transmission and distribution equipment. He is a Life Fellow of the IEEE Power Energy Society, a Distinguished Member of CIGRE, and is currently Convener of one IEEE and two CIGRE working groups He has written more than 30 technical articles, chaired or co-authored over a dozen industry standards, and has been granted 16 patents.

Philip E. Spillane | Marketing Vice President, Lindsay Manufacturing Co.
Philip E. Spillane is a former lineman and received his BSEE and MBA from UMass Dartmouth. He joined Lindsey Manufacturing Co. in 2005 after serving as president of LEM Instruments, Americas Region, a regional sales company for the Geneva-based LEM, where he oversaw product development and direct sales of high-end digital fault recorders and power quality instruments. He heads research and development effort for the transmission line monitor.

March 20 | Distributed Var Control
Andrija (Ani) Sadikovic | Senior Power Systems Engineer, Smart Wire Grid Inc.
Andrija (Ani) Sadikovic is a senior power systems engineer at Smart Wire Grid Inc., a privately held San Francisco Bay Area start-up company that introduced the smart wire technology. His role is to formulate and lead conceptualization and early stage design of smart wire technology, as well as evaluate the applications and benefits of smart wire technology for providing reliability enhancements, increases in system capacity, savings in energy costs in the market, participation in RAS/SPS, and congestion management. Prior to joining Smart Wire Grid, Ani worked for National Grid USA and TRC consulting firm. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Nis in Serbia. In 2004, Ani was accepted in the graduate School of Engineering at Northeastern University where he was nominated for the Phi Kappa Phi award, which he received in 2006 just before receiving his MSEE.

May 30 | High Capacity Conductor
Dr. Colin McCullough | Lead Product Development Specialist, 3M Co.
Dr. Colin McCullough received his bachelor degree and doctorate in metallurgy from Leeds University in England. He is a co-inventor of the aluminum conductor composite reinforced (ACCR) conductor technology. He helped develop the science to produce the high-strength metal matrix composite core and the process to make the core wires; then he led the extensive qualification testing of conductors and accessories to roll out the ACCR technology. McCollough now leads customized ACCR qualification projects for utilities and works on new products and technologies to serve the utility business.

Mark Ryan | Application Engineering Specialist, 3M High Capacity Conductors
Mark Ryan is a 17-year employee of 3M Co. He joined 3M’s High Capacity Conductor group in 2007, where he has done process development, Lean Six Sigma and current applications engineering. Prior to joining 3M’s High Capacity Conductor Program, Mr. Ryan held several roles in manufacturing, technical service and process development within the 3M Company. He earned a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas and a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Iowa State University.

July 17 | Micropiles
Nick Salisbury | President,Crux Subsurface Inc.
Nick Salisbury has more than 25 years of experience in the geotechnical drilling industry. He formed Crux Subsurface in 1998 to specialize in challenging core recovery and difficult logistics for geotechnical exploration and construction projects. Crux brings together innovative equipment, techniques, and personnel to provide environmentally sensitive drilling services on some of the most logistically challenging geotechnical programs in the United States. During his 14 years at Crux, Salisbury has managed projects involving limited access drilling, installation and grouting for slope stabilization, feasibility studies, mitigation, and exploration for design, ground improvement and foundation systems. He has assisted in the design-build of custom drilling equipment, and pioneered a number of patent-pending materials and processes employed in foundation design and construction for transmission and distribution structures. Salisbury’s innovations have provided key components to projects such as Southern California Edison’s Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project and San Diego Gas & Electric’s Sunrise Powerlink Project.
September 17
| SMART Power Flow Controller for Smart Grid Applications
Kalyan Sen, PE | Chief Technology Officer, Sen Engineering Solutions Inc.
Kalyan Sen, chief technology officer of Sen Engineering Solutions Inc., which specializes in developing SMART power flow controllers, spent 26 years in academia and industry and became a Westinghouse Fellow Engineer. He was a key member of the Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS) development team at the Westinghouse Science & Technology Center in Pittsburgh, contributing to its conception, simulation, design and commissioning. Sen has 25 patents and publications in the areas of FACTS and power electronics, including two books, and is the co-inventor of the Sen transformer. In addition, Sen has been serving as an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer since 2002. He earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Jadavpur University, India; his master’s in electrical engineering from Tuskegee University; and his doctorate in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He also earned an MBA from Robert Morris University.