How It Works: On-Demand Security Consulting

On-demand security consulting helps businesses with questions about Department of Homeland Security regulations or other security matters get fast, knowledgeable answers. At Burns & McDonnell, the on-demand service affords immediate access to a certified security professional on an as-needed basis.

Professional associations or other groups may negotiate agreements for on-demand security consulting as a benefit for their members. The sponsoring association selects a consultant to provide services according to specific guidelines. To help its members meet complex Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) and other Department of Homeland Security regulatory directives, the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) chose Burns & McDonnell as its strategic partner for regulatory compliance. NACD members receive free on-demand security consultation with a credentialed Burns & McDonnell security consultant for up to 30 minutes each quarter. Association members also receive free updates on regulatory changes and discounted rates for any additional security consulting services.

"Many compliance questions can be resolved fairly quickly over the phone, since the questions often center around understanding a particular CFATS directive," says R.J. Hope, a senior physical security analyst and project manager in the Burns & McDonnell global security services group. "It has been beneficial for callers to have a knowledgeable source, outside of government, from which to gain the clarity to move their effort forward."

Hope holds ASIS board certification as a Certified Protection Professional, recognized as the highest certification in the security industry worldwide. He is also certified as an Associate Business Continuity Planner.

"Our agreement with NACD is for questions regarding regulatory compliance," he says. "But when a NACD member calls and has other security questions, we advise as we can to get them on the right track."

For more information, contact R.J. Hope, CPP, ABCP, 816-349-6754.

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