Expanding Facilities with Style

Expanding Facilities with Style

By Katherine Goudreau and Rhett Workman, Managing Director, US Airways Corporate Real Estate

When a 10-year-old terminal designed for 175 flights per day is now serving 300 flights per day — challenging the delivery of high levels of customer service — terminal expansion is the next step. An expansion is also an opportunity to upgrade the services available by adding new food and retail vendors to give passengers a great travel experience. The Philadelphia International Airport and its partner airline, US Airways, are taking this approach for Terminal F.

Under way in February 2011, this $45 million expansion program will add approximately 68,000 square feet of concession and airline operation space to the current 205,000-square-foot terminal ­— an increase of about 33 percent. The expansion will add new utilities to handle increased heating, cooling and power demands, airline operation spaces, and more than a dozen new retail and concession spaces. All tenant spaces are designed with
the same utilities stubbed into the space so when a new tenant uses the space, redesign and reconstruction can be accomplished with little to no interruption to any other tenant services.

The overall Terminal F Program will improve passenger service by creating a clear separation between ticketing, security screening and baggage claim, each with improved facilities. It will also augment the current level of service with additional passenger amenities, e-ticketing kiosks, ground transportation service station, and expansion of the Philadelphia International Airport's award winning concessions program.

Another member of the airport-airline partnership team is Marketplace/Redwood (MPR), the concessions program management team. One of the new offerings from MPR is a bar/restaurant featuring iPads for ordering, checking flights and amusement. Passengers will be able to pop in, view a menu on the iPad at their table, place their order, check their flights and play a few games before boarding. Philadelphia will join New York's LaGuardia Airport and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in providing this unique dining concept.

A new food court with more than half a dozen vendors will open in the summer of 2013 providing passengers with a wide selection of food and beverage options. New concession and retail stores will begin opening in time for the 2012 winter holiday season.

Burns & McDonnell is the program/construction manager for US Airways for this program.

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