A Touch of Technology

Jeff Greig, Burns & McDonnellFew homes today are without touch-screen technology, from cell phones to tablets to smart appliances. And businesses are increasingly finding uses for devices that put a lot of power at the fingertips of field employees.

While the "cool factor" of such technology is high, it's critical for businesses to focus on the utility, functionality and return on investment for such tools. At Burns & McDonnell, we've implemented some real-time, touch-screen applications that are delivering cost savings, process efficiencies and improved data management to our clients. Read how projects are reaping the benefits in our cover story >

It's the way we've done business all along, using the latest technology in the smartest ways to provide the greatest returns — saving money, boosting performance and improving quality. And our approach to developing new tools will continue to build our clients' success into the future.

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