Zeeland Energy Generation

Zeeland Energy Generation

Location: Zeeland, Mich.

Client: Mirant Co.

Design and construction of two simple-cycle combustion turbines and a combined-cycle combustion turbine plant. The Zeeland Facility is a natural-gas fired power plant. The first block is two simple-cycle GE 7FA combustion turbine units designed for 170 MW output each. The second block consists of two GE 7FA units, a GE D-11 steam turbine connected to two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) operating in combined-cycle mode. The block is designed for 570 MW output when the HRSGs are fired, the combustion turbine output is being augmented with steam and the evaporative coolers are operating. Nominal output is 500 MW.

  • Complete plant design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Startup and testing 

Combined Cycle Phase II:

  • Fast-track design and construction
  • Aggressive project schedule
  • 1 GE steam turbine
  • 2 Vogt HRSGs
  • 2 GE 7FA combustion turbines

Simple Cycle Phase I:

  • 2 GE 7FA combustion turbines
  • Output 300 MW