Castle Rock Water Purification Facility

Castle Rock Water Purification Facility

Location: Castle Rock, Colo.

Client: Town of Castle Rock

Completion Date: 2013

Burns & McDonnell is providing professional engineering services for the new 4-million-gallon-per-day (MGD) Plum Creek Water Purification Facility (PCWPF) in Castle Rock, Colo. This project is using alternative project delivery — specifically design/contract-build. Burns & McDonnell completed a 30 percent design package for use in selecting a general contractor to participate in a collaborative project delivery environment.

  • Design
  • Aeration
  • Rapid mix
  • Flocculation
  • Sedimentation
  • Greensand filtration
  • MF/UF filtration
  • Disinfection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Finished water pumping
  • Contractor selection
  • Permitting
  • Construction-phase engineering

The PCWPF includes aeration, conventional pretreatment with high-rate inclined plate settlers, greensand filtration, MF/UF membranes, chloramine disinfection, clearwell and high-service pumping. The PCWPF's raw water is groundwater under the direct influence (GWUDI) with provisions for future use of a surface water supply. The groundwater source contains high levels of iron and manganese, which requires aeration and greensand filtration. Additional facility components include an administration building with laboratory, control center, conference area and maintenance area; chemical storage and feed for ferric chloride, potassium permanganate, sodium hypochlorite, aqueous ammonia, citric acid, caustic soda and sodium bisulfite; and full site development including raw water piping, finished water, electric, natural gas, fiber optics communications and stormwater.

The membrane filtration system was procured before the final design phase, allowing Burns & McDonnell to optimize the design of the new facility and minimize overall project costs. The process typically reduces the potential for change orders and/or redesign that could otherwise result from a general contractor's procurement of the membrane system. Using the collaborative project delivery approach, the membrane building layout was developed so that future building expansion will not be required to expand capacity. The town selected the design/contract-build project delivery format to create a strong owner-engineer-general contractor team and to meet an aggressive project schedule of 24 months from consultant selection to construction completion.

Burns & McDonnell is responsible for all design, including preliminary design, process and ancillary equipment design, preparation of contract documents, coordination with local building and fire departments and other state and local government agencies, and general contractor selection assistance.