Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester Upgrade

Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester Upgrade

Location: Springdale, Ark.

Client: Springdale Water Utilities

Completion Date: 2005

Burns & McDonnell designed improvements to two 70-foot diameter and one 80-foot diameter anaerobic digesters at the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the City of Springdale, Ark. The improvements include replacement of two fixed steel covers with new fixed covers, replacement of a third fixed steel cover with a new floating gas-holder cover, replacement of mechanical mixers in all three digesters, replacement of two boilers and heat exchangers for sludge heating, replacement of the waste gas burner and other gas handling system improvements.

Wastewater treatment plant modifications have also included a new inlet control structure; a third channel and bar screen at the Bar Screen Building; a new 6.8-million-gallon concrete lined equalization basin; increased pumping capacity to more than 7 million gallons per day (MGD) at the First Stage Pump Station; conversion of two existing intermediate clarifiers into peak flow clarifiers; and the addition of more than 3-MGD pumping capacity at the Transfer Pump Station.

Before the preparation of plans and specifications for the contract documents of the above facilities at the wastewater treatment plant, Burns & McDonnell completed a wastewater system master plan evaluating feasibility for various improvements to the system, including upgrades to the existing plant or a new plant to replace the existing facility.

After the study was accepted and a decision to upgrade the existing plant, Burns & McDonnell prepared a preliminary design with a design memorandum report and final design. Significant and critical tie-in sequences were completed to ensure continuous operation during the various procedures. Bidding and construction phase services were also provided, including resident engineering.


  • Anaerobic digester repair
  • Pumping station capacity expansion
  • Peak flow clarifier conversion
  • Facility conceptual planning
  • Construction phasing