Wastewater System Improvement Project

Location: Fayetteville, Ark.

Client: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Completion Date: 2005

Burns & McDonnell provided program management services to the City of Fayetteville for its $125 million wastewater system improvement project, an aggregation of 17 design and construction projects to be carried out over a 36-month period. As program manager, Burns & McDonnell was responsible for program assistance including planning, reporting and advising the city in contract and program administration throughout the design of a new wastewater treatment plant, a rehabilitation of the city’s existing treatment facility, and major improvements and extensions of the collection systems. Acting essentially as an extension of the city’s staff, Burns & McDonnell was responsible for overall program change control, recommending courses of action by the city, program scheduling, estimating, site management, contract administration and bidding services.

Throughout the pre-design phase, the design phase and the construction phase, Burns & McDonnell worked with the city, construction contractors, design consultants and other public entities with the goal of providing efficient and timely execution of the work consistent with the city’s budget, schedule, quality and performance expectations. An additional responsibility was coordination of all design projects to provide consistent functionality and features.

  • Program management
  • Scheduling
  • Cost control
  • Risk management

Among the specific services provided to the City of Fayetteville by Burns & McDonnell:

  • Recommendation to the city for construction packaging and sequence of bidding and construction
  • Periodic review of the designs, deliverables and bidding documents being prepared by four design consultants and making recommendations for actions by the city
  • Confirming that consultants’ progress is in accordance with the accepted program schedule
  • Conducting six value engineering workshops covering the treatment plants, pumping stations, and collection system improvements
  • Monitoring consultants’ compliance with the terms and conditions of the respective design agreements and reporting findings to the city
  • Reviewing and recommending for approval pay applications submitted by consultants and contractors
  • Leading monthly progress meetings among all designers and contractors and reporting progress to the city
  • Establishing minimum design standards to be incorporated into the designs of the facilities
  • Preparation of a standardized Professional Services Agreement to be used by the city in obtaining engineering services
  • Preparation of standard construction specifications for use by the design consultants
  • Facilitation of environmental permit applications and filing by the design consultants and integration of the process into the overall schedule for the design and construction of the projects
  • Liaison with the Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission, the lending agency for the program
  • Assisting in negotiation of design phase and bidding phase agreements with the consultants
  • Design, establishment and maintenance of a program Web site in an effort to inform and educate the citizens of Fayetteville on the wastewater system improvement projects