Wastewater Master Plan - Oak Grove

Wastewater Master Plan - Oak Grove

Location: Oak Grove, Mo.

Client: City of Oak Grove

A wastewater master plan can be used to build a geographic information system (GIS) foundation. Oak Grove, Mo., needed a wastewater master plan. To support this effort, Burns & McDonnell developed a substantial part of an enterprise GIS for the city.

Initially, a needs assessment was completed to determine what data would be required to support a wastewater master planning effort. The required data set included land use/zoning, watersheds, roads, parcels, pipe networks and pump stations. These data layers were extracted from various sources. Burns & McDonnell utilized Arc/Info and ArcView to compile and convert all data sources into a common platform and format. The data was then combined with flows collected from five flow-monitoring stations and used to build and calibrate the civil engineering model HydroWorks.

Upon completion of the master plan, two major benefits were realized. First, the GIS data layers could be manipulated easily and a new master plan could be done with less effort. Second, the master plan facilitated the creation of a parcel map, road network, zoning and more that the city could use as a value-added supplement to build its own enterprise GIS.

  • Database management
  • Data conversion and development
  • Modeling support