Waste Burn Delivery System

Waste Burn Delivery System

Location: Hannibal, Mo.

Client: Green America Recycling LLC

Completion Date: 2008

Green America Recycling LLC, Hannibal, Mo., requested Burns & McDonnell assistance in developing means to deliver contract recycled waste materials to a new kiln burner system. The initial phase of the project was to develop a project criteria and feasibility grade estimate of the cost to install the new systems.

Burns & McDonnell performed a study to develop the conceptual design of three major systems:

  1. Ventilation systems for all of the waste preparation buildings and the new material feed barn
  2. Liquid waste handling system to the new kiln
  3. Solid waste handling system to the new kiln
  • Field surveys
  • Conceptual design
  • Design charrette
  • Cost estimate preparation
  • Prepare project schedule

Green America contracts with other companies to dispose of solid and liquid wastes by burning the material in the Continental Cement kiln burner systems. The solid wastes are received by semi-truck and stored and prepared in the feed prep building. This building is kept under negative pressure. The exhaust air is ducted to the kiln burner air fans. The wastes are milled and transported by enclosed containers to the kiln burner in-feed area.

The liquid wastes are received by semi-truck tankers. The wastes are stored and blended before being pumped to the kiln burner system.

Continental Cement is constructing a new kiln at the plant site. They want to burn both the solid and liquid waste in this new kiln. A new handling system and ventilation system are required to accomplish this.

Tasks included:

  • Field surveys of existing facilities
  • Conceptual design for the liquid pumping system
  • Conceptual design for the air/gas system
  • Conceptual design for the solid waste delivery system
  • Conceptual design for the solid waste staging building
  • Project-specific drawings and sketches, assembled in the manner most expeditious for the study