Transmission Substation Electrical Controls Projects

Location: Georgia

Client: Georgia Power Co.

Burns & McDonnell substation engineers have worked hard to learn the Georgia system. Several engineers from the Kansas City and Atlanta offices are assigned to multiple controls projects around the state.

The scope of work includes the modification of existing 230/115-kV substations and the design of new greenfield substations. Projects also include the modification of several 115-kV distribution substations with low side voltage ranging from 13.8-kV to 25-kV. Modifications such as the removal of obsolete equipment, the addition of power circuit breakers and circuit switchers, transformer additions and capacitor bank additions require that Burns & McDonnell engineers exercise sound engineering judgment and work closely with Georgia Power engineers and technical staff.

Georgia Power requires that consultants use on-site proprietary systems to enter bills of material and project man-hours. Burns & McDonnell engineers work closely with Georgia Power field engineers to design relay panel installations and have attended on-site substation safety training sessions with Georgia Power staff. Physical and control designs are prepared to match the Georgia Power design philosophies and standards. Drawing files for these projects are transferred electronically from Atlanta to Kansas City for the review, comment and approval process as well as final product delivery to Georgia Power.