Transmission Route Cultural Resources Surveys

Transmission Route Cultural Resources Surveys

Location: Oklahoma and Arkansas

Client: Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Burns & McDonnell archaeologists have conducted cultural resources surveys for OG&E throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma. These investigations ranged from assisting with route siting studies to archaeological site detection surveys. Some of these investigations have included consultation with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Native American tribes. Sites investigated ranged from early prehistoric times to the historic 20th century. Potentially significant sites were avoided or monitored during construction.

  • Archaeological site probability studies
  • Archival research of historic land use and settlement
  • Consultation with Native American tribes
  • Cultural resources site detection surveys
  • Construction monitoring for possible buried cultural resources
  • Compliance reports

Several transmission lines across portions of Arkansas and Oklahoma were investigated for cultural resources or impacts to those resources to comply with state federal agency regulations and guidelines.

Background Research

  • Research of known archaeological sites and previous investigations
  • Archival research of the local history, including trails and historic events in the area that may pertain to the project area
  • Review of historic structures and forms on file with state agencies
  • Review of library collections and online historic maps, census records and other archives
  • Review of available historic records and publications; primary and secondary sources
  • Preparation of text describing and maps showing archaeological site probability areas for field investigations

Field Work

  • Cultural resources survey of several different sizes of corridors or selected areas within those corridors
  • Review of land records at county courthouses
  • Preparation of Construction Monitoring Plans
  • Construction monitoring

Document Preparation

  • Archaeological site forms
  • Cemetery documentation
  • Monitoring reports
  • Cultural resource management reports