Tank Siting Study

Tank Siting Study

Location: Centennial, Colo.

Client: Southgate Water & Sanitation District

Burns & McDonnell completed a water storage tank siting study for Southgate Water & Sanitation District. The report was commissioned to evaluate potential sites for a 1.5 million gallon storage tank.

The study had two main goals. The first goal was to evaluate the distribution system’s vulnerability and redundancy. A geographic information system (GIS) was used to feed data into the WaterCAD model. A spatial analysis was used to determine alternate site locations for the tank. A secondary purpose was to update the current model to more accurately reflect area development. In order to accomplish the second goal, GIS was used to combine two existing WaterCAD models into one up-to-date model. The updated model will be used  for future water modeling and planning efforts.

In addition, the water system was analyzed to determine if the district is capable of supplying its service area with adequately treated water to meet average day, maximum day and maximum hour demands, as well as emergency and fire flow demands.

Burns & McDonnell reviewed the results of the model scenarios and analyzed the system pressures and velocities, each alternative tank site’s characteristics, and tabulated the decision matrix for three alternative tank sites. With the use of GIS and WaterCAD modeling, a site recommendation was made.

  • Data conversion
  • Spatial analysis
  • Modeling support

Primary technologies used:

  • ArcGIS 8.x
  • Haestad Methods WaterCAD
  • Microsoft Access