TXU Reliable Texas Planning Study

Location: Texas, Various

Client: TXU Power

Completion Date: 2007

Burns & McDonnell provided professional services to study carbon capture and storage (CCS) options for eight supercritical pulverized coal reference plants proposed by TXU Power as part of its Reliable Texas Power Project.

The study provided an overview of applicable carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technologies, evaluated space requirements for two promising technologies, and allocated appropriate space for these technologies on a site-specific basis. The study incorporated a review of site-specific storage options prepared by others.

  • Carbon capture planning study

TXU has proposed the addition of supercritical pulverized coal power plants with advanced clean-coal technology as part of its Reliable Texas Power Project. TXU is pre-planning to make each of these units “CO2 capture-ready.” A key part of this strategy is evaluating capture and storage options for each of the units, and providing adequate space at each site to install capture equipment.

To support this goal, Burns & McDonnell reviewed the status of applicable post-combustion capture technologies. Working with technology suppliers, Burns & McDonnell developed plant area requirements for one currently available technology — solvent absorption. Burns & McDonnell also estimated area requirements for another less mature, but promising technology — oxyfuel combustion. Space was allocated at each plant site for both technologies. Space allocations included equipment for CO2 compression to pipeline conditions.

  • 860-MW net plant capacity
  • 90% minimum CO2 capture efficiency
  • Solvent absorption and Oxyfuel combustion
  • Compression to supercritical pipeline conditions
  • Assessment of technology area requirements
  • Site-specific area planning
  • Site-specific storage options