Substation Communications for Wind Generation

Substation Communications for Wind Generation

Location: Texas

Client: American Electric Power

Completion Date: 2010

Burns & McDonnell is providing design engineering, procurement and construction management services to American Electric Power (AEP) for the installation of a substation fiber optic local area network (LAN) at 18 substations. The project integrates supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), station data repository (SDR) computer and other information technology within the substations and assists with the static shunt devices (SSDs) monitoring and control.

Burns & McDonnell is also designing the installation of new SEL-451 relays at 13 of the substations to provide continuous synchrophasors, fault records and record oscillography data. Lastly, Burns & McDonnell is creating the remote terminal unit (RTU) point assignment and RTU configurations for the substation RTU and the dynamic reactive compensation system (DRCS) RTU.

  • Design engineering
  • Procurement services
  • Construction management

AEP is integrating wind farm power generation into its grid in Texas. Communication and control integration of the flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS) technology devices with the DRCS in the company's west Texas region.

The DRCS and the SSD are used to regulate the voltage into the substation from the wind generation transmission lines. The SEL 451 monitoring relay is continuously collecting synchrophasor information, fault records and oscillography snapshots. This data is stored in the SDR at the substation until the information is uploaded to the regional SDR server.

  • Fiber optics
  • Protective relaying
  • Ethernet
  • Dynamic reactive compensations
  • Synchrophasers
  • Wind generation