Submarine Support Facility

Submarine Support Facility

Location: San Diego

Client: Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Completion Date: 2000

This project was the design of a Submarine Support Facility (SSF) at Naval Submarine Base San Diego (SUBASE). The SSF performs maintenance and repair services required for nuclear-powered submarines homeported at SUBASE San Diego. Design features:

  • Structural slab foundation supported on precast concrete piling; soil conditions required vibro-compaction and vibro-replacement techniques to reduce liquefaction potential due to a seismic event
  • Special concrete construction
  • Smooth, crack-free concrete surfaces for all walls and floors
  • Floating post-tension wearing slab
  • Increased emphasis on structural tightness to support negative pressure ventilation
  • HVAC system with special HEPA filter system
  • Use of materials with low radon levels
  • Containment and treatment of radiological liquid waste
  • 10-ton bridge crane
  • Liquid processing area
  • Controlled material storage area
  • Access point room
  • HEPA filter room
  • Clean work/gage calibration room and personnel decon room
  • Mechanical and electrical rooms
  • Parametric estimating and programming documentation (PEP)
  • Final design, plans and cost estimating
  • Construction support services