Stormwater Outfall Data Management

Stormwater Outfall Data Management

Location: California

Client: California Department of Transportation

Burns & McDonnell is providing data management and application development for a large-scale stormwater outfall inventory and assessment throughout California. The project requires constant maintenance and updating of the growing tabular and spatial databases.

After the completion of a needs assessment, it was determined that many users would require access to data associated with this project. As a result, a customized database and user-friendly geographic information system (GIS) applications are being developed to allow many users to query and view the data. Because so many users require accessibility to the data and field crews are constantly updating the databases with global positioning satellite (GPS) data, strict data rights have been placed on the data to preserve data integrity.

One GIS application will allow users to visualize and assess tens of thousands of outfall locations and identify potential areas to implement best management practices in the office without having to revisit each outfall site. Other applications will allow project personnel to prepare inventory routes, create map-books and project status reports.

This process is saving time and money by allowing project personnel to plan routes and limit the number of sites requiring additional costly analysis. The data management techniques employed will allow project personnel to quickly update the databases with field data and ensure that only one set of data is being used.

  • Database design
  • Database management
  • Data collection
  • Spatial analysis
  • Map production