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Steam-Electric Process Plant

Location: Aurora, Minn.

Client: Minnesota Power

Completion Date: 2011

Minnesota Power is proceeding with the development of a new, dedicated biomass boiler, steam turbine and associated plant equipment at Laskin Energy Center.

  • Feasibility study
  • Conceptual design
  • Design (future)

Burns & McDonnell’s scope of work includes the following tasks:

Task 1 – Conceptual Study
This tasked included optimizing the size of the plant, determining back-up fuel requirements, boiler technology, boiler steam conditions and site layout. Plant terminal points for fuel delivery, process water, cooling water, solid waste, electrical interconnection and natural gas were defined.

Task 2 – Support Permitting Effort
Burns & McDonnell will develop air emission rate estimates and develop a comprehensive permit matrix.

Task 3 – Project Definition
The project definition phase will serve to further outline project details and provide an updated cost estimate for budgeting purposes. The following tasks will be completed during the definition phase:

  • Finalize control documents
    • Finalize the project scope
    • Develop a level-one project schedule that provides critical development, permitting, procurement and construction timelines
    • Finalize the project budget
  • Finalize fuel handling
    • Develop the final fuel handling layout
    • Determine final equipment arrangement and sizing
    • Develop flow diagrams and electrical one-lines
    • Final capital and operating estimates will be developed
  • Finalize emissions estimates    
    • Emissions estimates developed for permitting support will be finalized pending final equipment type and location
  • Finalize general arrangement  
    • Finalize pending changes to equipment, building, fuel handling, landfill or other site attributes from their conceptual locations
  • Develop plant water balance to estimate the water intake and discharge rates of the project  
    • Add cooling tower required for the new unit
  • Develop plant heat balance
  • Develop plant mass balance
    • Estimate fuel quantities and ash disposal rates based on boiler technology and fuel characteristics
  • Geotechnical investigation  
    • Prepare specifications for the geotechnical investigation
    • Assist Minnesota Power in soliciting and evaluating bids from third-party contractors
    • Assist with contract negotiation, monitor progress and review deliverables for approval
  • Support project approval  
    • Provide assistance in gaining management and regulatory approval for the project