Southwest Minnesota Transmission Line Upgrade

Southwest Minnesota Transmission Line Upgrade

Location: Sioux Falls, S.D., to Jackson, Minn.

Client: Northern States Power Company, dba Xcel Energy

Completion Date: March 2008

Burns & McDonnell provided transmission line design and routing for a 345-kV overhead transmission line and a 115-kV overhead transmission line as well as the substation design and interface connections for two new substations. Burns & McDonnell also provided project procurement of all equipment, structures, wire and hardware along with scheduling services and land acquisition services to Xcel Energy. Burns & McDonnell contracted for construction services for both of the transmission lines and the two substations.

  • Transmission line design and construction
  • Substation design and construction
  • Procurement and scheduling services
  • Survey permission
  • Contracted surveying services
  • Access agreements
  • Easement and exhibit preparation
  • Negotiations for acquisition
  • Waiver of lien of deed of trust
  • Recording of legal documents
  • Construction coordination
  • Condemnation support
  • Crop and property damage resolution

Due to the continued population growth and the proliferation of wind power in the Sioux Falls area of southeast South Dakota and southern Minnesota, Northern States Power, dba Xcel Energy, decided that two new transmission lines and two new substations were needed to increase the supply of electricity throughout Southern Minnesota.

Through the Minnesota and South Dakota Public Utility Commissions, Xcel Energy requested and was granted permission to construct the two Transmission lines along with two new substations to capture the power produced by several new wind generation projects and enable Xcel to use and export the power to other areas of the state. This project increased the electric reliability of the power grid in the upper Midwest and provided an outlet for the power produced by those wind turbine farms that continue to sprout up in this geographically windy area.

This project ties together several substations in southern Minnesota which will provide continued outlets for wind power projects of the future, as well as fuel the continued growth in population in the rural areas and small towns along the I-90 corridor.

  • 90 miles of 345-kV overhead transmission line — 304 easements
  • 38 miles of 115-kV overhead transmission line — 94 easements