Southeast Kansas Wind Energy

Location: Southeast Kansas

Client: Confidential

Burns & McDonnell completed a desktop environmental report for a proposed wind energy project in southeastern Kansas. The report included a review of wetlands, protected species, cultural resources, land use, floodplains, proximity to airports, sensitive areas, visibility, noise, etc. As part of this report, a permitting review was also completed to determine which permits and/or other studies may be required. Burns & McDonnell also assisted with a lek survey that was completed in spring 2007 to determine if the greater prairie chicken (Tympanuchus cupido) inhabited the site area.

Burns & McDonnell will continue to support the project and anticipates conducting an additional lek survey, as well as complete a nest survey, wetland delineation, habitat assessment, cultural resources review and survey. It is also anticipated that Burns & McDonnell will initiate the permitting process in summer 2008.

  • Environmental report
  • Permitting review
  • Geographic information system (GIS) mapping
  • Lek survey
  • Natural resources field surveys

The ultimate size of this project will depend on the final site and the types of turbines selected. The facilities/equipment associated with the project include wind turbines, access/service roads, underground collection system and a substation.

  • Development project
  • Wind-powered renewable energy
  • Two-phase project